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I am creating a New Web Site at:  This one keeps breaking, images keep vanishing, 3rd party ads are annoying, we can only have 30 events on the Calender at a time (including muti-events like Raid Nite), and there is no support from 

The New Web Site doesn't have nifty things like "Server Status" and "Game News," but it's more organized and in many ways easier to use for both the Member and the Administrator. 

The New Site has:  drop down menus on the Navigation Bar, the ability to add multiple pictures for each member in your own "photo album," the Mug Shots page is organized is an awesome way, a better organized "Links" page, the ability to have more then 30 events on the Calender at one time, it's easier to input different articles and images, which should stay put because they are not simply copied
and pasted into place, more fonts and more colors to choose from,
a live chat support system which is awesome (I tried it),
I own the Domain Name, AND it costs MUCH less real money.

Please visit the new site at: and register, add your photos, enjoy the set up and organization.

please excuse the "mess," it's still under construction.

This site will begin to vanish as I input the information
into the New Site.

Thank you for your cooperation
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